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Applications for Listing 2010 - 2011

Two applications for listing of buildings in North East Lincolnshire were made between August 2010 and April 2011.The two buildings in question were Grimsby Central Library, Town hall Street and Lindsey Lower School, Clee Road, Cleethorpes.



Lindsey Lower School, the former Cleethorpes Secondary School for Girls

Unfortunately the buiding was not added to the national list the reasons for its refusal can be viewed



Grimsby Central Library

Unfortunately the buiding was not added to the national list the reasons for its refusal can be viewed

Although both buildings were not considered good enough to be placed on the National List all is not lost. The Grimsby Central Library is within a conservation area and may well be placed on the local list for Central Grimsby, that will give it some protection.

The Lindsey Lower School is not within a conservation area, however, it has been included in the local list for Cleethorpes. While this does not give it as much protection as one would wish, it is not now possible to demolish buildings without first getting planning permission from the local authority. This is due to the excellent work of 'SAVE' (an organisation that helps to save buildings of interest in the U.K.)

Before the 'SAVE' case at the Court of Appeal in London, beautiful buildings would be demolished by a developer without any comeback. This was before planning was granted and nothing could be done about it, as demolition did not come under planning legislation. It is to be hoped that the new ruling from the Court of Appeal will help communities to better protect those buildings in their own areas that mean so much to them.

To see the full decision won by 'SAVE' at the Court of Appeal it can be

Planning Appeals in Conservation Areas

The Cooperage

The cooperage, where beer barrels were made, was built in 1901 and originally used by Grimsby's Hewitt's Brewery until it stopped brewing in 1960. It was then used as a storage and distribution depot until 1980

Grimsby architects Pye Critchlow and appellant, Bridge McFarland who want to demolish the building to make way for an eco-friendly car park were appealing the decision against their plans.

The full decision can be

Four-Storey Apartment Block in Bradford Avenue, Cleethorpes

The Developer had appealed North East Lincolnshire Council's decision to refuse planning permission, that would have allowed the demolition of 24 lock-up garages and building of 11 flats in their place in Bradford Avenue.

However, the appeal has been thrown out by the planning inspectorate because it was not in keeping with the style of the area and residents would suffer a loss of privacy and light.

The full decision can be

Conservation Areas at Risk - English Heritage Survey

English Heritage has asked every Local Authority in the country to fill in a questionnaire for each of their conservation areas as part of the first nationwide census of this important element of our heritage. 270 out of 362 local authorities responded providing detailed returns for over 60% of England's conservation areas by the end of 2008. Since then a further 10% have been received, increasing coverage to around 70% of all of England's conservation areas.

Questions covered whether a conservation area had been defined as being at risk on the basis of the local authority's own assessment, or whether the area had deteriorated over the past three years, or was expected to do so over the next three years. In addition, responses to more detailed questions have enabled English Heritage to identify key trends and threats to conservation areas. The census was re-opened again from June-December 2009 for those authorities which had not responded to enable them to participate and give a more complete coverage.

The information on the state of conservation areas will be used to target partnership grant schemes on those areas that would most benefit from building repair and public realm improvement grant schemes.

Three areas were deemed at risk in North East Lincolnshire, Central Cleethorpes, Central Grimsby and Waltham.

At present North East Lincolnshire Council's conservation area list is out of date and previous work needs revision. The newly appointed Conservation Officer is now using a new template from English Heritage to expedite this work. Priority areas are Central Cleethorpes, Central Grimsby and the Fitties. Hopefully, the appraisal of these areas will be completed by Spring 2011. In an effort to help the local authority, it was suggested that the Civic Society could assist the Conservation Officer by improving public participation in the return of conservation area appraisal questionnaire's, therefore, helping the conservation staff in the draft appraisal process.

It is hoped that when NELC create the appropriate documents and the appraisals are complete that they place them on the NELC web site so that the public can see them and can comment on them. This would hopefully go some way to engaging the residents, and also public and other stakeholders in an inclusive decision making process.

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