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Planning Committee

The Planning Committee meets every two weeks to review notable planning applications. New members with an interest in planning generally, or who wish to discuss specific issues, should contact the Planning Chair, via the Society e-mail address.

The purpose of the committee is to review significant developments which may have an impact on the general environment of the North East Lincolnshire area.

The committee do not object to all submissions preferring to make constructive suggestions. Many of those suggestions have been taken into account when plans come before the full council planning committee.

You can read the latest planning news here 

2011 Events

  • April 2011 Report. The Committee was copied in on 121 planning applications submitted to NELC. Of these the committee looked at 32 and submitted comment on 6.

  • The committee submitted comment regarding the proposed convenience store with attached Medical Practice on Taylor's Avenue.

  • The committee wrote to the Planning Office in Bristol objecting to an appeal against an NELC planning decision and obtaining clarification on past decisions.

  • The committee has met to look at locally listed buildings in Grimsby (Local listing is operated by the Council, as opposed to Statutory Listing operated by English Heritage and the DCMS).

  • A number of suggestions have been received from Civic Society members for addition to local listing, and members of the committee are to carry out site visits.

Cleethorpes Sea Road

As reported in the Grimsby Telegraph (9 July 2008), NE Lincs Council has chosen Cawthorpe Estates and Hodson Architects to develop a four storey building in Dolphin Square. Work is scheduled to begin October 2009 for commpletion in 2011.

Our earlier comments on the scheme (April 2008) follow.

In recent months, the redevelopment of the Sea Road/Promenade corner has hit the news with the Council and their agents inviting plans for re-development of the area encompassing the toilets, Submarine Pub, and Hawaiian Eye crescent. This brings to fruition a long-standing ambition of the Council. Rather than tackle specific details, the Planning Section has considered the wider purpose of this area.

The planning section studied the Council's development brief for the central promenade area in October 2006. This was a well thought out vision for the centrally located and crucially important site. It provided a sound basis or discussion and our well-known local historian, Dr Alan Dowling responded in November 2006. The planning committee fully supports his vision of what the new development should be.

The aim should be on supporting the town's existing tourism. This should be the main purpose of the site. Alan identified that the essential facility the resort lacks is an attractive and welcoming covered and enclosed area for visitors and their families. This would encourage visitors to return and so help tourism.

Access to such a facility should be entirely free and could include seating areas, a family restaurant (but not another fast-food outlet, public house or pretentious eatery), toilets and beach information enquiry points, exhibitions and so on.

Imagine a sudden downpour on a Sunday afternoon when everybody seeks shelter simultaneously. Visitors should be able to go in, shelter and relax in comfort without any pressures to spend money.

The planning committee is encouraged to learn that the Council seeks public participation in voicing our ideas for consideration. This will ensure that the town finishes up with what we really want and need, which may not necessarily be what the developer thinks we ought to have.

Henry Boot - Garth Lane Update

As mentioned in our newsletter, our planning Chair was dismayed that the Council decision on planning permission for the Henry Boot Retail development on Garth Lane was delayed for further research on traffic flow. This is a central site which has needed revitalisation for many years. Having studied the required new research on traffic flow and retail impact, the Society will continue to give the scheme our full backing. If any members have views, for or against this development or wish to join the planning committee, please feel free to contact us at the society e-mail address ( or by contacting the hon secretary.

April 2008

Dixons Site Meeting

The Dixons site, formerly the location of Freddie Friths, on the corner of Frederick Ward Way and Victoria Street has been vacant for several years. Society members were invited to the offices of architect Mark Hodson, to view plans for a new housing/retail development to occupy this site.

The event was an opportunity for Mr Hodson to outline the concepts behind the site. Following publication of a computer-generated image in the Grimsby Telegraph, some members had expressed concerns - particularly that the side of the building facing Frederick Ward Way appeared to present a large, featureless expanse of brick. However, it was explained that the solid nature of this wall was partly to protect the tenants from the effects of heavy traffic. This was also the side of the building which would receive least sunlight and would therefore not benefit from more open design. It was also explained that a number of architectural features would be introduced make the facade less monolithic.

The Victoria Street approach reveals nautical curves and an attempt to blend in with the eyeline of the existing terrace of shops.

Turning off Victoria Street into the courtyard of the development reveals a more attractive and traditional array of windows. This is the side of the building which will receive most sunlight, and therefore benefit the tenants the most.

The presentation was organised by David Robinson, of the Planning Committee, and gave members an opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of the thinking behind this development. It is understood that the development will go before the Council Planning Committee in the near future.

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