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Transport - both in terms of vehicles and general mobility - is an issue which has an impact on and affects our enjoyment of the local environment. Although the Society does not have a dedicated Transport committee, members of the executive attended the Grimsby and Cleethorpes Renaissance Town Teams which have an interest in transport issues.

Grimsby Bus Station Controversy - go to this section

Where can you find taxi information when you arrive at a train station? What if there isn't a taxi rank? During the recent rail strike I noticed that there is a grey touch-screen VDU box with a telephone marked "HELP POINT" on the wall at Cleethorpes Station. Because of the strike, the display on the box had a message about train disruptions, And when I looked closer and started playing around with the touch screen I found that it carried phone numbers for all the local taxi firms. I've never looked closely at this box before, because I've never been in an emergency. I'm pretty sure that someone arriving off a train and looking for a taxi wouldn't go to that box either.

Members of the Executive Committee attended the Local Transport Plan Stakeholders Workshop on 18 January 2010.

The Local Transport Plan defines the Local Authority's strategy for transport - what is perceived to be most important in terms of transport. Therefore, if money is available, where it will get spent.

Consultations for business groups and transport providers were held on separate days. User Groups at the session on 18 January appeared to represent the villages, motorbike users, and groups which especially relied on transport such as those with disabilities.

From the Cleethorpes perspective, both Cleethorpes and Immingham appeared to be under represented, a factor which was important when the meeting was asked to decide which High Level objectives were issues were of priority. Access to the Town Centre (including car parking and bus station) was top priority. Access to Cleethorpes came bottom. The encouragement of Tourism was a priority, so hopefully this reflects "county thinking".

The four issues that the group chose were ;

Access to the Town Centre (including car parking and bus station)

Ensuring Bus Services to all areas

Road Safety - Reduce Accidents

Promote Two Wheels (powered and non-powered)

The outcomes of the meeting are summarised on the following PDF files.

Here is the summary of issues here

and outcomes here

At the end of the meeting we were reminded that - while our views would be taken into account - there were no guarantees as to what would be delivered. Civic Society/Cleethorpes Town Team members attended the LTP stakeholder consultation on 10 November 2010. Attendance seemed much lower at this meeting, with representation by cyclists, motorcyclists, residents of Waltham and the EngAge group. Representatives of Balfour Beatty Workplace explained that the transport strategy will run for 15 years from April 2011. Alongside the transport strategy, there will be a three year delivery plan which sets out the programmes and schemes they plan to deliver in the period up to March 2014. This is tied in with the regeneration plan and a series of transport challenges (such as "improve journey times and reliability by reducing congestion." The consultation will feed into the delivery plan, although the final decision on what goes into the plan will be made by elected reprsentatives. As it is still unclear what funds will be available from central Government, the plan is still subject to change.

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